What happens if the equipment is damaged?

Any damage on the equipment will be payed by the rental taker when returned. The rental company will see through the goods and any known damage have to be alerted by the rental taker.  

How old must I be to rent?

You have to be over 18 years old to rent.  

How and when do I pay?

Preferably you pay with Swish in advance. You can also pay with credit card or invoice if so decided with the rental company. 

Do I need to show any form of identification when renting?

Yes. You do need to be able to show some sort of ID card or passport.

When are you open?

The rental products are available daytime weekdays. Remember to send a text, email or make a phonecall before arrival to make sure someone is there to meet you. 

All other time needs to be decided in advance.

Can I rent skate-skis?

Unfortunately no. We have no skate-skis at the moment.

Can I vax my skis?

Yes you can.

The grip-area (skin) only need cleaning if you find you lose your grip. Use water.

If you don't glide as much as you want, you can put on some more glide-vax. They sell quick-glide vax in your local sportstore.

Is it possible to get the equipment delivered?

Yes! Some products have a set price and all else is priced in agreement. 

Can I get my bike repaired?

Unfortunately we don't offer any repair of private bikes.

How do I cancel my booking?

The booking is cancelled by email or text.

Is it simple to adjust the saddle?

Yes. It's simple and no tools needed.

Do I need a lock to my bike?

Yes. With every bike comes a powerful lock.

Is it possible to rent a helmet to my bike?

Yes. If you need a helmet when renting a bike you get one for free. You do need to come try one out to make sure it fits.

What is SKIN-skis?

SKIN-skis are skis that don't need any fixed wall (grip wax). Instead they use skins, hair, for the grip.

Can I rent climbing skins?

No, we don't have any climbing skins at the moment.