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Only citybikes available for longterm rent at the moment


Perfect for a tour around town. Always comes with a bike basket.

Price to rent a Citybike:

First day 220SEK

Following days 120SEK

Weekend friday-monday 450SEK

1 week 890SEK

2 weeks 1290SEK

1 month 1990SEK

The whole summer 2990SEK

Electric bike

If you want to be able to travel a little bit further this silent electric bike suits you.

Price to rent an electric bike:

First day  450 SEK

Following days 290 SEK 

Weekend friday-monday 990 SEK

 1 week 1490 SEK


If you want to try cycling in the woods or in more rough conditions this bike suits you.

Price to rent a mountainbike:

First day 320SEK

Following days 160SEK

Weekend friday-monday 590kSEK

1 week1190SEK

2 weeks 1590SEK

1 month 2390SEK

The whole summer 2990SEK

Cross country skis, sled or snowracer

Rent cross country skis! See "ski rental prices" for info.

If you want a sled or snowracer you can rent that aswell. 

Bike-/ski-cart and more

You need to carry luggage or a child? We have different options including bike seats and small bikes.

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